BBC Music Magazine December 2003

A minor mystery: why is my typewritten copy showing November, 2003 as publication date amended by hand to December?  I can’t for the life of me remember.  Still, it would be wise not to expect anything specifically seasonal here (in any case, it’s the January edition that appears on sale in the dying days of the Christmas rush, and for a while I aimed my Yuletide specials at that issue).

‘A minor’ mystery is an unintended pun, by the way.  The puzzle is in a different key entirely.


7              Composer, one avoiding changes to end of piece (6)

8              Opera script – line Berio reset about a couple of times (8)

9              Britten role, and French tenor’s seen with German chamber group (8)

10           Shostakovich movement to go wrong about start of coda (6)

11           Piano working with strings, receiving greeting from Italian composer (10)

14           Told stories in song (4)

15           Dance company dance better, possibly, filled with drive (6,7)

16           Apartment of note? (4)

17           Encore MC arranged involving me having to start again (10)

19           British mezzo more drained around end of Requiem (6)

21           Make amendments to song – Beethoven’s first – hurry (3-5)

23           Place to put music that’s brought in for composer (8)

24           British composer adding note in unfinished Verdi opera (6)


1              Vehicle, American, given to old, old opera star (6)

2              Some darker numbers from writer of musicals (4)

3              Member of opera staff liable to get RSI? (10)

4              Stand next to overturned instrument (4)

5              Location of Oxford choir – but not of the old school? (3,7)

6              Last of tunings provided by fork – rather forceful (8)

8              Dick, the Fifties pop star (6,7)

12           Remember blast on trumpet, say, produced by chap, in D (4,2,4)

13           Me, I’m a minor change in title of elegiac piece? (2,8)

15           Contralto in unusually notable type of opera role (3,5)

18           Non-permanent staff heartlessly doing for cellist (6)

20           Support foundation of chord? (4)

22           Operas sound as a bell? (4)

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