BBC Music Magazine February 2008

I have already put up No. 186 in the BBC Music Magazine series, so when I opened the 2008 box and pulled out this one, I briefly toyed with selecting a different puzzle for this update.  But seven years on, there are a number of unexpectedly timely references, as well as some pleasing ways of getting round the fact that many composers, while scoring well at Scrabble, are otherwise sods to clue.





9          Peg? Rip all out for jazz violinist (9)

10        Overture of Rossini in unrewarding study (5)

11        A second writer in festival venue (5)

12        Composer of operas – new one interrupting sleep – time it should be rejected (9)

13        It’s no. 41, by Jove! (7)

15        Trumpets – that’s the stuff to give the crowds (7)

16        Record company’s blend of victories and shames (3,7,5)

19        Note reduced openings for conductors and repetiteurs – not many on board here! (7)

21        Most of additional part of opera? Just a snatch (7)

23        Kabalevsky characters arrive in sad arrangement (9)

25        Hope Rattle takes on board stage work (5)

27        Runs into magistrate in the intermission (5)

28        Rondo and scale mostly contrived in opera (3,6)


1          Where raga’s played? (4)

2          Wind instrument creating feeling of aggravation in black periods (8)

3          Keyboard instrument with supporting part on rear of it (6)

4          Walk slowly, long enthralled by music player? Not I? (4)

5          Instrument that’s enlivening to Pinafore? (10)

6          Composer, mostly idle French one, imprisoned by governor (8)

7          Spoil most of that once-popular opera (6)

8          Allure in each note that initially I fix (10)

13        Millions enthralled by adaptation of J C Bach, one from British composer (10)

14        Arrant Dido, distraught, displaying slower music? (10)

17        Most important band’s ending ukulele trio? (8)

18        One’s seen with a percussion instrument – a girl? (8)

20        Less responsive song? (6)

22        French composer, though with choral piece unfinished (6)

24        Musical performance that’s a bargain (4)

26        A capital orchestra, as well (4)


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