BBC Music Magazine January 2008 solution



1/1d     CHRISTMAS CANTATA; t in anag.

6          HODIE; ho(t) die

9          NORMANS; Norman’s

10        HENBANE; hen ban e

11        AIRILY; ai(r) + anag. – c

12        STAGNANT; G in Stan ant

14        ARCO; hidden

16        TAPE-RECORD; anag.

18        TORCH-DANCE; anag.

19        ASTI; hidden

22        APERITIF; p in anag.

23        LIADOV; l + anag.

26        FAINTED; f ain’t ed

27        IRELAND; I re land

29        EYE-OPENER; e ye opener


2          RARER; hidden

3          SEARLE; hidden

4          MASS; initial letters

5          SEHET WELCH EINE LIEBE; anag. + e

6          HONEGGER; h on + regg(a)e (rev.)

7          DIAPASONS; d + anag.

8          EXERTED; T Rex in dee(p) (all rev.)

13        PARADIDDLE; pa + ad in riddle

15        CARMELITE; arm in C elite

17        CHRISTIE; anag.

18        TEARFUL; r in anag.

20        INVADER; anag.

21        LINE-UP; LI neu p

24        DRAIN; RA in din
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