BBC Music Magazine March 2003




1          Very reduced attack (5)

4          Bet sinner excited this composer (9)

9          Opera whose lead performers exhibit great breath control? (3,5,7)

10        Speaker I love in choral piece (8)

11        Adjust sound of oboe mostly filled with quantity of liquid? (6)

13        Arrangement of notes Satchmo developed, in part (4)

15        Brass-player ruined nearly all string octet (10)

17        Top forecaster penning lines indicating successful disc? (4-6)

18        Some deny adoring pop singer (4)

21        Band’s driver, say, twiddling radio before end of drive (6)

22        Composer in favour of occupying position (8)

25        Composer from fashionable group (following old county branch) (7,8)

26        Musician’s gutted – comes in wrongly – memory aids needed (9)

27        Skill that is evident in jazzman Shaw (5)


1          Troops endlessly holding ruined fort, depicted in music, say (3,4)

2          Operatic item to coalesce naturally, but only in part (5)

3          Reserve seats in opera house, perhaps – here’s something for the champagne  (3-3)

4          Conductor’s pointed comment I repeated about drum’s contribution (10)

5          Jazz display, one included by German composer, nothing less (4)

6          Set test, possibly – end of allegro for ensemble (8)

7          Performance that would seem to be capital! (9)

8          Note was wrong? Not a problem! (2,5)

12        Contrivances linking Bach and Edison? (10)

14        Undo orchestration of laments after I’d turned up (9)

16        Regular musical pattern? Soon at it, when playing (8)

17        Bet music academy will bring in right chap (7)

19        Article on time bringing in new slow movement (7)

20        Initially, Elgar’s notes indicate great mystery (aptly!) (6)

23        Piece for eight? Force twenty to drop odd parts (5)

24        Israeli pianist – dead nice? Only somewhat (4)

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