BBC Music Magazine March 2003 solution

Always pleasant to get so much thematic material into a grid that looks quite so foursquare.  3 down was the word that looked least tractable here, and it came out all right.  I don’t know what it was I was listening to when I started putting words into the grid, but it certainly wasn’t 9 across.




1          ASSAI; assai(l)

4          BERNSTEIN; anag.


10        ORATORIO; orator I 0

11        RETUNE; tun in ree(d)

13        MODE; hidden

15        CORNETTIST; anag. – g

17        BEST-SELLER; ll in best seer

18        ENYA; hidden

21        ROADIE; anag. + e

22        STANFORD; for in stand

25        RUTLAND BOUGHTON; Rutland bough ton

26        MNEMONICS; m,n + anag.

27        ARTIE; art i.e.


1          ART FORM; anag. in arm(y)

2          SCENA; hidden

3          ICE-BOX; ice + box

4          BARBIROLLI; barb + roll in I I

5          RIFF; I in (0)rff

6          SESTETTO; anag. + o

7          EXECUTION;

8          NO SWEAT; anag.

12        INVENTIONS;

14        DISMANTLE; I’d (rev.) + anag.

16        OSTINATO; anag.

17        BERTRAM; r in bet RAM

19        ANDANTE; an + n in date

20        ENIGMA; initial letters

23        OCTET; alternate letters

24        ADNI; hidden
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