Beelzebub 1358 solution

The last Beelzebub puzzle: grid contains (Richard) WHITELEGG, (Michael) MACDONALD-COOPER, COLIN (Gumbrell) and PAUL (Henderson), the four setters over the years.


1              WHITE; whit e

5              LEGGING; L egging

11           HAIR-EEL; air in heel

12           AINEE; hidden

13           INTERROGATEE; anag.

16           EMPLOY; e + p l o’ in my

17           GEAR UP; ear in gup

19           CAPITANI; a/c (rev.) + in a tip (rev.)

22           ROUNDURE; ro(d) + R in undue

24           PHAEIC; hae(t) in pic

25           COOPER; O in coper

29           AUSTRALIA DAY: a + anag.

30           UREIC; i.e. in cru (all rev.)

31           VILLAIN; villa in

32           LARCHEN; arch in len(t)

33           ADULT; adult(erate)


1              WHITECAP; anag. + pace (rev.)

2              HANGMAN; Han G-man

3              TRELLISED; ill in desert (all rev.)

4              EERY; E(ll)ery Q.

5              LEROY; hidden

6              ELOIGN; Elo + anag.

7              GAG REIN; E in Gag(a)rin

8              INTERRUPT; err up in I t t

9              NEED; ne(Ar)ed

10           GEEK; G(R)eek

14           APPRAISER; app raiser

15           MACDONALD; do in anag. In mad

18           PEER GYNT; anag. In pt

20           TRIARCH; a R in t rich

21           PREVAIL; re v in pail

23           OCTAVE; o + T in cave

25           COLIN; l in coin

26           PAUL; paul(dron)

27           AURA; (L)aura

28           ZILA; z I l A


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