Beelzebub 300




1          Excessive reversing into grass is a motoring offence (8)

7          Tenor and baritone combining to give a lift (4)

10        Puritan endlessly lashed by stick may become goatish (7)

11        Absent soldiers repeatedly heading to the back (very far back) (5)

12        Confused doings are in – such a state? (11)

13        Chaplet: one with rotating middle I removed (6)

16        Invoking the Muses? That’s right, when getting stuck into instrument mostly (7)

17        I’d cut short attempt to persuade, adopting the same diplomatic tactic (7)

18        Completely fill a dish in Malaya (4)

19        A bit about this is fresh in the memory? (4)

20        South American Indian – ever a chap to accept sun-god (7)

22        Notice swallowing it can upset stomach treatment? (7)

25        Not forthcoming about staff pension (6)

26        Meninges lie in need of treatment by alkaloid (11)

27        Crowds, presumably – the kind keeping one in a whirl (5)

28        Accepted second line needs to be brought in to design visual communication (7)

29        Head for party, having nothing to lose (4)

30        Taking drugs, number run into police trap (8)


1          Spy agency’s habitual response during most of arms talks may be touching an important nerve (9)

2          Longed to embrace one suffering (6)

3          Eating up rock? Dentistry will follow (7)

4          Attribute of computer memory creates IDs afresh after repeated incursion by college (12, 2 words)

5          Incompletely mature cuckoo filling half of nest (about) (6)

6          Filthy room angered new father-to-be (12)

7          Druggie ignoring parish priest and judge? (5)

8          Pictures of animals most suitable to cover front of journal (8)

9          Period taken up with acting (though it’s not the stage) (4)

14        A Parisienne, and contending to be free of jealousy? (9)

15        Molluscs I land and eat with gusto (8)

18        Church officer in Scotland to stay holding a crown (7)

20        Pilot just topped rock pillar (6)

21        One small valley in a range of mountains (6)

23        Beheading clergyman is a serious offence (5)

24        Ecological communities unruffled after nuclear energy is excluded (4)


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