Beelzebub 404

This puzzle appeared on 17 July, 1997.  I’ve tweaked the presentation to more closely resemble the current way word-lengths etc. are presented.  I note that one clue uses an abbreviation not in the current or immediately previous edition of Chambers, though it was there in 2004 – I couldn’t see an easy way of rewording it, and it’s pretty blatant what it has to be so it stayed.




1          Observe hounds and hunt mostly providing protection for hunter? (12, 2 words)

10        Abrupt change of direction for company investing in productive Employment Training (8)

12        Operation kept back, me rolling with pain indicating some eruption? (8)

13        Face, rib or another part of the body? (5)

14        Bound to incorporate it in time for music (5)

15        Hardly a treasure one found in a cave (5)

16        One demanding money examined account and cut period of loan, say (7)

18        Fat, consuming most of stew in idleness (8)

22        Isn’t bird seen beside river plant in South America? (8, 2 words)

24        We learn reforms, making a fresh start (7)

27        Backing chap’s right on with guitar (5)

28        Messenger’s viewpoint requiring a little modification (5)

29        Dicky bow? (5)

30        Native compound broken up, turned over, tribe disheartened (8)

31        Reserve the most select dessert? (8, 2 words)

32        Look – dandy with three times the ultimate in elegance, possibly – that’s me in song? (12)


1          Maths expert runs in with bank operative (8)

2          It’s fitted to the wing in lone air flying (7)

3          Peer round in obscure cave overlooking Lake (6)

4          Slow simple composition the French transposed up – it gets you in the guts (7)

5          Cat grabbing at wings of magpie – getting this feather? (5)

6          Further cut required by church sermon? (6)

7          The talk has whip as an affliction of the horse (11)

8          Knowing conflict will occur between Austria and Spain (5)

9          Rope used for descent? (4)

11        Emperor’s upset Agricola in termination of legion (11)

17        Source of interruption – the room’s upset about entry of extremist (8)

19        Rioting Luddite is not so neat (7)

20        Radon I used in cure of intestinal problem (7)

21        Antelope’s exhalation containing awful smell (6)

23        Bullfighter rushed round carrying scrap of red (6)

25        We display some essentially? (5)

26        I am turning up in excellent cloak (5)

28        It’s enough to make one go grey (4)

Beelzebub 404 (pdf)

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