Beelzebub Crossword 270

The only changes I’ve made to the original are to remove a couple of commas, and to amend the word-lengths to reflect current practice.  The original puzzles used to have lengths like ‘(12, hyphenated)’ and regular repetitions of ‘hyphenated’ mount up when you’re pressed for space.  In addition, hyphenation is rather variable in its application, so it may not be as informative as it could be.  The one example of a two word phrase in this puzzle (24 down) also exists in a hyphenated form, but with a distinct meaning.  As the clue defines the two-word form, I’ve added that detail to the length in brackets.



1          McRae host ran wild, making raid on English? (12)

10        Piece of music – a small piece involving one or ten (8)

11        “Parasites” (that’s Conservative indulging in slander) (4)

12        Monetary policy – English one largely beset by those poking fun (9)

13        British honour returned by American city black people (5)

14        Nautical hoist with ropes a knife quickly cut (5)

17        Play ducks and drakes with worker? No thanks (4)

19        Old lady retains formality, drawing back in classic style (7)

20        Gun to produce fire, once (4)

21        Regret cuddling model’s middle, being thus ill-mannered (4)

22        Recording the result – that is, 0-0? (7)

25        American currency’s high point? (4)

27        Wing comes in to offer protection (5)

29        Put down question leading to measure? (5)

31        Writer has a great time with story’s essence (9)

32        Case deposited in The Tuileries (4)

33        Like the Khan’s hordes rampaging in gloom – see! (8)

34        Produce new force – struggling RA to give in, surrounded by different soldiers (12)


1          The grasping so-and-so has gone off with my file! (12)

2          Secure a rearing horse (4)

3          Anger about new order for Red Cross in crisis? (9)

4          Start to cause injury using swimming-aid (5)

5          Three rulers I serve after ancient city’s ditched fourth (6)

6          Bell in Lohengrin greeted by Wagner? (4)

7          Displaying raised thigh with the French dancer (5)

8          Get round mishap with one gone West (8)

9          Nice gal’s pent, untidy, a cosy retreat? (12)

15        Spots monitor endlessly detaining one small group (9)

16        Torment old group, including one lashed by whip (8)

17        The fool – his imprudence will give him away (4)

18        Castle king – in chess, castle king (4)

23        Looking into vaults for wine in cases – a drop of Graves? (6)

24        Exhausted, one has to refuse climbing (5, 2 words)

26        Coach mob overturned, besieging front of train (5)

28        Fine low one – second triumphant shout going up (4)

30        Mac’s allowed Laurie too, regularly (4)




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