Church Times 1 June 2012


1          Recalled Noah’s son, having absorbed one chapter in OT book (5)

4          Reformer in Welsh river impeded by rock feature (8)

8          Cry of praise amidst various glories expressed piously in music (9)

9          Intermittent options for cricket sides? (2-3)

11        One yarn linked to mean fellow features support for worshipper (10)

13        Triumph heading for disaster? Blast! (4)

15        Anchor, large, at sea securing both ends of pontoon (7)

16        Piano mostly built along with a lot of period instruments (7)

17        Meadow found in Bible area (3)

18        Old canine tooth’s beginning to go bad (7)

20        To remove priestly status from Alice is wrong (7)

22        Stylish attitude that’s filling the land (4)

23        Make sacred studies backing church levy (10)

25        Seem merely to restrict Ruth’s alien surroundings? (5)

26        Uses tea-towel to smother source of oil in curtains (9)

28        Religious work for choir or a chamber group involving leader of orchestra (8)

29        Purport to be a singer? (5)


1          Anagram medley possibly provides name of Jesus’ follower (4,9)

2          Keyboard instrument that has church least upset (7)

3          He, King Harry, mostly abused a senior figure (4-6)

4          Seek to marry without love (3)

5          Summons to serve involving this or different part of church (11)

6          Religious image, charged item, filled with intimation of Christianity (4)

7          US state supporting one US lawyer about introduction of law (7)

10        Offended, sire? I fancy there’s a regal title here (5,8)

12        Request for silence, perhaps in a monastic vocation? (4,2,5)

14        Description of God starts to spread Christianity in no time, wonderfully (10)

19        Quickly study Queen Elizabeth, bringing in new reforming cleric (7)

21        Crucial to oust leader, man coming from Rome? (7)

24        Worry about piercing foot (4)

27        Business in Synod arbitrarily held up (3)

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