Church Times: 29 December 1989

This puzzle appeared right in the middle of the Christmas period, but has no thematic element in relation to that (there might be something else to look out for though).  I’ll append an image of the page which shows how tentatively they were approaching the new feature – there’s a late example of a hand-drawn solution grid from the previous week (replete with Christmas themes).





1             Junction where bishops socialise? (5,5)

6             One of four circulating in Germany? (4)

9             Under God’s rule, love and endless charity etc. will be involved (10)

10           One of four – name given to Jack of Hearts? (4)

12           One getting out of hair garment for festival (7)

13           Fellow was slow and stopped on the journey? (7)

14           Women’s Institute wanting in substance inwardly (6)

16           Almost all ailment is treated in psychiatry (8)

18           One driving examiner goes round in the morning (8)

19           Two articles about the goddess (6)

22           Outer portion of text remembered (7)

23           Wine box with front removed is knocked over (7)

25           Biblical land – one among a great many (4)

26           Reference book could make an idiot cry (10)

27           One of four not very warm? (4)

28           Trinity’s heart showed sixty time’s over (5,5)




1             One of four displaying flat cut (7)

2             Belonging to those people the taxmen! (5)

3             Sees Canticles, deprived of name, rewritten as another book (12)

4             Worshipping figures or workers (6)

5             Personal tool to pin down a collection of papers (4,4)

7             E.g. an idol’s overthrown next? (9)

8             Heaven, say – for family God regathered (millions) (7)

11           Cries a brief time in imperfect countries (12)

15           Circle a holy man in path, one carrying bread? (5,4)

17           Gloomy prophet – extremes of exuberance jar him badly (8)

18           Hot air revealed by another malison (7)

20           Girl tells fibs, we hear, to judge (7)

21           Legal document he contrives to twist (6)

24           State in which you can see I had a house (5)


And here’s what it looked like on 29 December 1989:


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