Church Times 8 September 1995



1          Student of religion? Lo – he’s got it worked out! (10)

6          Surrounded by a kind without love, primarily (4)

10        Sense I’m smashing chinaware (7)

11        Robes etc. are around quiet Father before start of lesson (7)

12        Prompting weeping of the people – about to sob with gospel left unfinished (9)

13        Downfall – start to grieve, being penitent? (5)

14        Primates are pious episcopal sorts, primarily (4)

16        Attack line with a gunshot rattling round (9)

19        Went on vacation? Oh, I’d delay getting off (9)

20        He will shortly go to Satan’s domain (4)

22        Studies subject at school before entertainment in break? (5)

23        What’s rare about church (English) repeatedly holding forefront of radicalism? (9)

25        Variety of Islamic non-clerical arrangement (7)

26        Naïve woman absorbed by information Evangelical Union sent over (7)

27        Identical English service almost recalled (4)

28        A destination for your cash – such as the vicar at the service? (10)


1          Encountered rising endless prayer in shrine (6)

2          Bishop’s doctrine in epistle: “I claim passion is wrong” (15)

3          Lecherous student attending University – a place of debauchery! (5)

4          Ye agelong changes in family history (9)

5          Your bills mounting? That’s frightening (5)

7          Reclaim nice gear, freshly tailored – a requirement for a special service (8,7)

8          Appointment to involve European member’s representative (8)

9          Way of handling a very soft fish (8)

15        Move off the straight and narrow? Is led astray, indulging in drink (4-4)

17        Like any tempting offer, it used vice to corrupt (9)

18        Hymn tunes most of all appearing in routine assignments (8)

21        About to get kept in to show contrition (6)

23        Chap following most of argument in Italian city (5)

24        Two-thirds of Christ’s earliest followers would have women excluded from importance? (5)

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