Church Times Crossword 26 October 2007



1          Traveller, on returning, cracked (5)

4          Unexpectedly cheers up, going round Lake (a gloomy place) (9)

9          Legal document limiting Bill and Mark (9)

10        Engages in flogging, we hear, in monastic residences (5)

11        Recalled argument linked to vessel’s purpose in service (7)

13        New minister gives message first off in Early English (7)

14        Latin sadly mistranslated, limiting salvationists in church festival (3,6,3)

18        Struggling in cheap booth, hating new machinery (12)

21        Sermon? Loud noise ignored in service for 13 (7)

23        Note especially energy and strength linked to Biblical vessel (7)

24        Overseas holy woman, who visits every December? (5)

25        Unusual case, with no sin, gets journey to Heaven (9)

27        The officer leading spirited religious government (9)

28        Birds occupying another nest (5)


1          Tire after embrace? It’s a distinguishing feature of vicars! (8)

2          Exclamation about English brew of lager lacking fullness (8)

3          Girlfriend, say, concealing fluttering heart – an indication of how quickly things will end? (5-4)

4          Pose second irritating problem that’s ignored by church (3)

5          Minister’s appreciation of wine and some chicken (7,4)

6          Fortune reduced by one old penny? That’s very clear (5)

7          Roman saint – he mostly led an uprising (6)

8          A tree’s made to look fancy for religious festival (6)

12        Religious leader strewing chapel with manna (7,4)

15        Notice this place – pleasant but not one suggesting religious commitment (9)

16        Old boy left a ring in can as an offering (8)

17        It takes top man in Civil Service to give dismissals (8)

19        County staff turned up prepared (6)

20        Uncle’s in difficulty catching a fish (6)

22        Potential sacrificial victim is alarmed and cautious, initially (5)

26        Odd bits of curry will make you weep (3)

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