Dux by Pedro

Three titles have each been treated to form the lights A, B and C: in each title a letter (the same one, occurring once only in each case) has been changed to another, different in each case, and the the result anagrammed to form A, B or C.  The grid twice reflects the original letter; the title the replacements.  A (in the OED), B (a proper noun) and C have definition clues.  They are all single words – the answer lengths refer to the associated titles.

11 words are separate from the rest.  These form the shaded thematic entries.  Clues are normal – two are left unclued to force identification of the theme.  One clued word is necessarily of archaic spelling (in OED).

11 further clues are Letters Latent.  These 11 have been arranged amongst themselves so that the apparent order allows the latent letters to spell the dux.  Solvers must determine the correct placing of each.  13 and 16 are proper nouns not in Chambers.

Thematic entries

About to take sailor to wreck (4)

An ill wind before former poverty? (8)

Crumpet let out in rush (4)

Direct way, all the time (5)

Fail English? Name omitted by lucky chance (5)

Mastiff’s tip, nose? (Noun wanted) (6)

Numbing horror’s right out (4)

Opening procedure up north (4)

Summons to witness-box gets reduced fine for idiot (4)


10           East Britain swamped by plague? What I carry will tighten the guts (6)

13           What is found in star and constellation? (3)

14           Disciple, shedding false tear in treachery (3)

A             Selling more (5,5)

15           Swollen up un extremes of leprosy (5)

16           Artist rejecting most of Mac’s red ochre… (4)

17           …crossing, for instance, German artist (5)

18           Vow to be skilful in competition (6)

20           Film of Macbeth should involve _____ dagger or knife (5)

21           Hair-remover made initially in America (5)

22           Sauce held back, given to a proper spicy dish (5)

24           It’s a god! (5)

26           Clip pet bird, removing tail (3)

27           The dregs? Yes and no (4)

28           Heifer unsettled when removed (4)

29           What tourists try to get away from (almost) could be lethal (5)

30           An ‘oven’ with slip of one letter could be ‘oxen’ (5)

33           Local irritation around this country (4)

34           A short cry to effect reconciliation (5)

36           Mad dog, kept inside on leash, laid flat (6)

38           This, in wrestling, could make you lose (6)

40           Look back at deserted garden (4)

41           Support? That’s right (4)

43           Having a lot of free time dissipated real blues I found (10)

45           Stupid brown cow, initially (5)

46           Target object removed from developing canines? (3)

47           Lower me into a valley (6)

B             Port (11)


1              What makes half of Chinese meal, first to last? Hairpins? (4)

2              Shareholder with rapid turnover needs sterling (4)

3              Think card-game a swindle, we hear (6, 2 words)

C             Joy (5,5)

4              ‘In rear’ to need a complete change here (8)

5              Scots lake is where you’ll find large fish, not Italian river (4)

6              Ridge is just part of the serration (5)

7              It may be grabbed by marauding pussycat – one of these, perhaps? (9)

8              Assume a part, ultimately – Mr Chips, in my case (5)

9              Not precisely mega-Californian? If this – that may be right… (5-8)

11           …mega is certainly wrong – very lame (4)

12           Difficult actress right to be written out (5)

18           Selection of verse in book attracting praise (5)

19           With bits of oak lintel (deceptive) uncomfortably lowered? (10)

23           Brought up walker to go round country (5)

25           Hamlet to Ophelia? ‘Try green rue with a difference’ (8)

31           A bit of soft wood cut up for planks (5)

32           Old award? Notice what is bestowed for merit cropping up here (6)

35           Anti-Ximeneans, as it were, fiddle with so-correct Ximenes (5)

37           Follow on, head off rising – well done! (4)

39           What Lady Chatterley’s Lover, say, provides is cut to a superficial extent (4)

41           Spirit somewhat lacking in protest? (4)

42           Etna erupting? That’s undiluted bull (4)

44           Brian? Havergal, primarily, in this day and age (3)

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