Enigmatic Variations 1078: Before and After

Of the nine entries without numbered clues (all words in Chambers), five are defined by multi-word phrases in five clues – these five represent the BEFORE states.  The remaining four have something in common and represent the AFTER states, one being required twice.  Eleven other clues have redundant single words; first letters of these words spell out thematic assistance, as do the last letters.  Solvers must complete the barred-off square and highlight an example that, rather unusually, represents both states.


1              A mother brought back desert plant (6)

11           Not much good at capturing lutetium in food item (8)

12           I’m mild, perhaps, returning firm note (5)

13           Unknown profundities recalled without delay (6)

14           Trick outfit (3)

17           Wicked man to force way into one’s intellect (7)

18           Some touchy, much-married monarch poisons ‘fixer’ (4)

19           English crowd invested in very good coffee machine (8)

21           American criticises regional divisions – not on (5)

23           Flower festival neglecting East India (5)

24           Recalled one memory about a dweller on islands (5)

25           It’s presented in Benin? Eccentric (5)

27           Rossini aria initially performed to music, involving little very developed (8)

28           Meat salad dish returned by these characters in Athens (4)

29           Observe part of website, perhaps, for leak (7)

32           Indian potato’s worth, boundless (3)

33           Unconventional medicine: small amount includes rubber tyre (6)

34           A wretched young girl in Congress (2,2)

35           Court brought in two London coppers initially following beat (5)

36           It’s frightening taking in piece of film? Hardly ever (8)

37           Run hospital: working with old surgeon one identifies sound of breathing (7)


1              Robbed old football official before middle of match (4)

2              Run off once – wild run into dump, the dunderhead (6)

3              Peripheral article on degree held by academic (3-2)

4              Party held by skinflint, the crook (7)

5              Stupid to ignore precipitate wound (5)

6              Australian runs after gun designer giving sly look (4)

7              Initial letter of line many misread, incorporating religious description of god (8)

8              Foreign husband close to woman (6)

9              Issues visas, say, excluding Portugal? That’s not right (5)

10           Outer surface hides grit that’s scattered (5,4)

15           Misfortune not love is turning up in historic German drama (5)

16           Old violin leading most of crack stringed instruments (6)

17           Man, military assistant, with item covering piece of furniture (9)

20           The others managed to keep one in executive control (8)

22           Exotic cloak from version of King and I? (5)

24           Unhappy times are curtailed for great performers (7)

26           Sustained stumpings – nearly all cricket team out, unfortunately (6)

29           Skilful worker, turning up, is framing line in copper grooves (5)

30           Public Library – excellent building, with a particular purpose (5)

31           Various yelts left out here? (4)

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