Enigmatic Variations 1078: Before and After solution

Once you note the propensity for Americans to choose candidates who would also fit into the dictionary, and then that many of them also chose wives with the same characteristic – well, Sanders v Clinton is easily resolved, and the clannishness of the Roosevelts is very obvious indeed.

MAIDEN NAMES of American FIRST LADIES: Laura BUSH (nee WELCH), Barbara BUSH (nee PIERCE), Eleanor CARTER (nee SMITH), Betty FORD (nee BLOOMER) and Lou HOOVER (nee HENRY).  Eleanor ROOSEVELT did not need to change her name of marrying FDR.


1              RETAMA; a mater (rev.)

11           ELUDIBLE; Lu in edible

12           E-LA-MI; I’m ale (all rev.); FirM

13           SPEEDY; y deeps (all rev.)

14           RIG; 2 mngs.

17           HEINOUS; he I nous; to force way into = PIERCE

18           HYPO; hidden; much-married monarch = HENRY

19           ESPRESSO; E + press in so

21           ZINGS; z(on)ings

23           ASTER; (E)aster; IndiA

24           MAORI; a in I ROM (all rev.)

25           DITSY; it’s in DY

27           ADVANCED; v in a danced; RossinI

28           ETAS; sate (rev.); SalaD

29           SEEPAGE; see page

32           ALU; (v)alu(e)

33           AMULET; ule in amt; TyrE

34           AT IT; a tit

35           ICTIC; Ct in II c; LondoN

36           SCARCELY; cel in scary

37           RHONCHI; r h on Ch I


1              REFT; ref t

2              TURNIP; anag. in tip; run off once = WELCH

3              ADD-ON; a + d in don

4              MISDOER; do in miser

5              BLESS; b(rain)less

6              LEER; lee r; AustraliaN

7              OLYMPIAN; o’ l + pi in anag; initial letter = BLOOMER

8              MARION; mari on

9              EMITS; (P)e(r)mits

10           RIGHT SIDE; anag.

15           WESSI; w(0)es + is (rev.); DramA

16           GUSLAS; gu slas(h)

17           HEADCHAIR; he ADC hair; IteM

20           RESTRAIN; rest + I in ran; ExecutivE

22           GREGO; GR ego

24           MAESTRI; anag. – e

26           TENUTO; ten + anag; StumpingS

29           SULCI; l in Cu in is (all rev.); skilful worker = SMITH

30           PLACE; PL ace

31           STYE; anag. – l & lit.

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