Enigmatic Variations No. 1009: Rash

This isn’t quite the puzzle as it appeared in EV in 2012.  This is partly because I failed to notice that I’d left the unclued entries unnumbered in the original, and they aren’t here.  But I’ve also taken the opportunity to correct a couple of glitches – in one case, I’ve reinserted my original clue, since the last-minute replacement was actually wrong!  See the fifteensquared blog on the puzzle – link with the solution.


Most clues have subsidiary indications giving the entered answer with an extra letter. The extra letters spell out a quotation (in ODQ 4) minus four words. Three of the missing words are unclued answers in the grid (the fourth unclued answer is the author). Clashes in a number of cells may be resolved by noting that five letters from crossing answers are needed in a single cell. Each such group of five letters forms a five-letter word defined by a redundant definition (one or two words) in a clue with a normal subsidiary indication. The five-letter words are formed of the same four-letter word plus an additional letter (e.g. RASH + E = SHARE; RASH + H = HARSH); the additional letters can be arranged to form the final missing word in the quotation. Solvers should be RASH enough to fill the clashing cells with an appropriately coloured shape and not with letters. Numbers in brackets are the lengths of grid entries.


10        One not harming jazz composition, standard in series (5)

11        Not missing anagram of solution, nothing less (4)

12        Holy Islamic state is hard to be followed by a male (5)

13        Marijuana? Marijuana brought back for local nag (6)

14        Kiss? Pete’s first kiss (4)

15        Old bar secretive about Gamay that’s lacking heart (4)

18        Colombian city police operations can start to grate aboard ship (6)

20        Nannies ruin sweets, being misguided (7)

23        One international body backing retinue in most of Turkey (8)

26        Uproar: Church spurning weather ceremony (6)

27        Lean on a sculpture (4)

30        No longer serve young ferret a persimmon (4)

31        Beauty and fun in show (6)

32        Predicament recording electromagnetic radiation (5)

33        Rarely take away jobs left after a closure of business (4)

34        Female writer of verse recalled error (5)


1          Marine businessman, note, investing in ability to chase fish at sea (9)

2          One group accepting different indicator of temperature (6)

3          Sea-monster overturned boat, faintheart suppressing shriek finally (6)

4          Formerly name blokes in Newcastle (4)

5          Members of air force try to offload a Skyhawk and Hercules ultimately (4)

6          We eat out and spot rotten vegetable (8)

8          Eases old men, suppressing urge (7)

9          Suggest I’m to take part in a game (4)

16        They reduce density in a neutron star endlessly spinning with time (9)

17        Leading pair of businesses working with fashion designer tips (9)

19        Help just a phone-call away when a chap imprisons girl (9)

22        “Measure of Hebrews is found in skills”: Middle East experts (7)

24        Boorish fellow I placed as colony’s founder (6)

25        Zulu chief unexpectedly OK in his plans (6)

27        Last of carbonara sauce on bananas upset man (4)

28        Prevents holy men being disheartened, providing religious music (4)

29        Fried potato dishes run out? Model’s upset (4)

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