Enigmatic Variations No. 1009 – solution

Apologies for the quality of the solution grid – remarkably difficult to get the red spots on to the solution grid!  I don’t know what Dave did here, but he did it better than I can!  My spots are bigger, though.  One curious coincidence: when I looked at the EV page containing this puzzle, I noted that the solution to 1006 referenced an aspect the theme of the other 2012 puzzle I’d been considering, a theme that cropped around the same time in The Magpie, if I recollect correctly.  Jung would have been pleased.



Albert EINSTEIN said ‘NATIONALISM is an INFANTILE SICKNESS. It is the MEASLES of the human race’. Clashes in squares gave the words: STOMP/ESTOP/PASTO/POSTS/PLOTS/PESTO/STOPS. All SPOT + 1. The ‘fifth letters’ in these words spelled MEASLES, and the clashes were to be replaced by red SPOTs.


10        SPARER; par in ser; jazz composition = STOMP

11        UNLOST; anag. solutIon – 0

12        IHRAM; iS h ram

13        KEFFEL; kef + leAf (rev.)

14        PECK; P Neck

15        CAGY; ca. G(ama)y; old bar = ESTOP

18        STINGS; tin g in SS; Colombian city = PASTO

20        WET NURSES; anag. inc. I

23        ANATOLIA; a NATO + Tail (rev.)

26        RANDAN; raIn dan(CE)

27        ABUT; a buSt

30        KAKI; ka kiT

31        DISPLAY; disH play

32        PLIGHT; EP light

33        ASPORT; a s port; jobs = POSTS

34        MISSTEP; miss + pOet (rev.)


1          SHIP-OWNER; anag. Fish + n in power

2          ISOTHERE; other in I seT

3          KRAKEN; ark (rev.) + k in Hen

4          NEMN; NE mEn

5          ERKS; He(a)r + last letters

6          SWEET POTATO; anag. inc. oUt

8          ALEGGES; egg in Males

9          IMPLY; I’m plAy

16        ATTENUATORS; anag. inc. t with surplus N

17        BUONAMANI; bu on ARmani

19        SAMARITAN; Rita in As a man

22        ARABISTS; Cab is in arts

24        OIKIST; oik I sEt

25        INKHOSI; anag; plans = PLOTS

27        ADAM; a + mad (rev.); sauce = PESTO

28        HYMN; h,y m,n; prevents = STOPS

29        ROSTIS; ro + sit’s (rev.)
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