Enigmatic Variations No. 265 – solution


DAMOCLES spent an uncomfortable time with his head directly below a blade supported only by a hair (which might have been any one of STRIGA, BRISTLE, CILIUM, TRAGUS, PILUS or VILLUS, as indicated by the initial letters of the redundant words in the clues).


1          DEME; E Med (rev.); South

4          TUBERS; r in tubes; transistor

8          APISH; a pish!; readily

9          PLOAT; a in plot; Irish

12        DE NOVO; D + 0 v one (all rev.); gardener

13        DAIS; I in das(h); agitator’s

14        ON-SCREEN; on screen; book

16        CAULS; L in caus(e); reservoir

19        BARI; bari(tone); Italian

20        IPPON; P in I P on; severe

26        THREE; RE in the; traduces

28        ANEW; A new(t); Latin

31        AT SEA; Englishman

32        COARSELY; C oars Ely; calculating

35        AGON; go in a n; independence

36        CAKING; ca. King; Left-wing

39        MICOS; mic(e) OS; immeasurably

40        GLAUR; L in gaur; upset

41        ANANAS; cf. Bananas; Mexican

42        LOLL; 0 in l l l; tasteless


1          DADDOCK; a ‘d ‘d in dock; Resilience

4          THY; th(e)y; acted

7          STASHING; ash in sting; gory

9          PHOENICIA; anag. + CIA; Unlooked-for

10        INSULAR; insul(t) a R; surely

11        MANA; man a; prompting

15        NARD; dran(k) (rev.); ineffable

17        LIME; hidden; leaf

18        SHOE-LACES; ‘s + anag; useless

21        PLAT; Talp(a) (rev.); spoiled

22        PERSEID; perse I’ d; visible

23        STALAGMA; Stalag ma(ss); infiltrate

25        SEEL; see L; lacklustre

27        DAY-GIRL; rig (rev.) in anag; luridly

30        ECOD; anag; Uncrackable

38        UGS; (b)ugs; spy
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