Enigmatic Variations No. 29 – solution

Well, if you’d told me I’d published a puzzle called ‘Layettes’, I wouldn’t have believed you.  Yet here it is, and it seems a reasonable sort of thing.  Given the fact that I’d almost completely forgotten about it, there isn’t going to be much to say about where the idea came from.  It clearly helps that PINK is one of the words in Chambers that has eight separate entries (did you know that pink is a shade of yellow?) – MULL is another, as is PORT.  There may be others.  I was intrigued to see that I allowed myself two five-letter words with two unchecked letters each – not sure I’d do that now, and a little surprised I did it then.  In my defence, there is only one word that will fit the checked letters in each case.


‘Blue for a boy, pink for a girl’ governed the substitutions.  In across answers, synonyms of ‘blue’ replaced boys’ names; in down answers, synonyms of ‘pink’ replaced girls’ names.



1          PARADISEAN; PARADIGLUM; para + is in Dean

11        ALURE; a(L)lure

12        SMITH; smit h

13        SUBUCULA; cub (rev.) in anag.

15        SLOP; sl(0)op

16        SARI; ras (rev.) + I

17        MINT-MARK; MINTANIL; t mar in mink

18        SKYE; ‘sky’

19        STOLA; a lots (all rev.)

21        LOES; E in los

23        CLOT; cf. colt

24        TELIC; anag. – fe

25        ASKS; (m)asks

27        TRUMPETER; TRUMBICE; MP in true t(I)er

30        BUNK; 2 mngs.

33        INNS; (F)inns

34        ANATOMIC; ANASADIC; m in a + anag.

35        UNITE; initial letters

36        HALVA; hal(e) VA

37        GERRYMANDER; CYANMANDER; err + my (rev.) in gander


1          PAST; PA’s t

2          ALUNITE; unit in ale

3          ARUM; mura(l) (rev.)

4          DECCA; C in aced (rev.)

5          INURN; R in I nun

6          GALLIOT; Galli(c) + to (rev.)

7          LEMMA; LSAMLET; m,m in lea

8          MISALLIED; MILAKELIED; anag. & lit.

9          STORY; ‘s Tory

10        CHALICE; CHPIERCE; chal ice

14        BRITANNIC; BKNOCKNNIC; n in anag. – E

17        MAGNESIUM; MSTABIUM; anag.

20        ALTHAEA; h a in a l tea

21        LORGNON; lor! + nong (rev.)

22        FICTIVE; I c t in Five

26        SUNNI; in NUS (all rev.)

28        UNARM; hidden

29        MUSHA; ‘ush in Ma

31        NAAN; an (rev.) + an

32        SCAR; 3 mngs.
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