Enigmatic Variations No. 368: The Invisible Wren solution

The perimeter quotation was defined by redundant words in the first clue type.  Redundant words in the second type gave its source: Holy Sonnet: At the Round Earth’s Imagined Corners (by John Donne).  As the corners were to be imagined, the corner letters of the grid (W, R, E, N – hence The Invisible Wren) were ignored in wordplay in the remaining clues.


8              ENO(W); one (rev.)

9              SOREDIA; sore dia(l); conflict = WAR

10           SPRAINING; S P raining; holy

11           NOSERS; ser. in son (rev.); sonnet

13           ALIMENTATIVE; anag; want = DEARTH

17           CHEESE-RE(NN)ET; cheese + anag.

19           P(R)EPAY; PEP ay

21           AUBRETIAS; anag. + sai (rev.); mature = AGE

22           LOOK-SEE; loo + s(IX) in kee(p); at

23           FL(E)A; fla(n)


1              ANGOLA; an + a log (rev.); fevers = AGUES

2              ROBS; hidden; the

3              EXPRESS(N)ESS; expresses s

4              ROASTS; as in rots; autocracies = TYRANNIES

5              TRILATERALS; anag; round

6              ADIPIC; pi in anag; earth’s

7              GINN; g inn; gloominess = DESPAIR

10           S(E)MP(E)R; rpm’s (rev.)

12           STONES; on in set’s (rev.); act = LAW

14           JE(R)BOA; je BO a

15           SETTEE; set tee; imagined

16           (W)EAKEN; anag.

18           EUOI; e + IOU (rev.); risk = CHANCE

20           PALI; pal I; corners


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