Enigmatic Variations No. 555 – The Tooth Fairy



A number of clues are double, to two words run together.  The answers fill the length of space available – but the resultant entry shows the (unusually wide-ranging) influence of THE TOOTH FAIRY.  Chambers (1998) is recommended.


1          Artist’s untidy divan – see one unfortunate type, mostly really empty (12)

11        Doctor’s working, ready to supply dope (6)

12        Most of gold accepted by the French girl (6)

13        Run into collision in lorry? That’s painful (9)

14        Hang on, wanting to go round one historic city (6)

15        Most anaemic friend is French (6)

17        Limits of expenditure interrupting you in expression of amusement (6)

19        Prevented state care? That’s not new (7)

23        Riverside sight: river runs in reverse by nameless turn (7)

25        Rocky ravine becoming more green (6)

27        Printing unit sets left-wing philosopher (6)

29        Oppression not unknown in radio (6)

30        Big car, long one – second big long one’s article out of fashion (9)

31        “Positive nonsense!” (6)

32        Line taken in path is a means of transmission (6)

33        Fool to shape one page, mauling prose by new individual (12)


2          Tapestry arranged about square (5)

3          Organist lacking heart in lively Scots voluntary (6)

4          River in one area in America conceals reputation (8)

5          Dog Star? (7)

6          Snake seen in borders of Namibia? (4)

7          Brood about chlorine getting energy when attached to uranium isotope? (8)

8          Your form of therapy upset electrical units (6)

9          Elected politicians, cornered by radical, given a light soaking (6)

10        Familiar pop-song certainly ready for adaptation – about time (9)

14        Hospital brings in college judge in ‘green’ technology? Not suitable (9)

16        Caught up, taking in French composer’s record of journey in USA (8)

18        Fairy almost soared up to trap leaderless member of tribe (8)

20        Foundation of living cells incomplete without additional carbohydrate (7)

21        Fellow with friend mostly of Chinese extraction (6)

22        Gentleman’s crime (disposing of wife) is being raised (6)

24        Tropical tree’s home cut down for Asian plants (6)

26        Article on endlessly bland food – English? (5)

28        Incorrect statement: capital of Uruguay’s French place (4)

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