Enigmatic Variations No. 555 – solution


This particular fable is an obvious target for a thematic puzzle.  This one falls into a pattern I had of yoking words together to get the material I wanted to erase or replace.  There aren’t, after all, that many words that contain the consecutive letters of INCISOR that aren’t in some way derivatives of the original (INCISORIAL, anyone?) – even the shorter ones (such as TUSK) aren’t too forthcoming.

By limiting myself to six in total, three each across and down, I also got a reasonable grid, and I was also pleased that the attempt to make the double clues short and the single clues long to disguise which is which was successful.




1          DA VINCI; anag. c I; SORRY; sor(t) r,y; HA’PENNY for INCISOR

11        DRONGO; Dr. on go

12        LAURIE; auri(c) in le

13        ARTHRITIC; r in hit in artic

14        SAIGON; I in sag on

15        PALEST; pal est

17        TEE-HEE; e,e in thee

19        AVERTED; aver te(n)d

23        REED-BED; Dee R (all rev.) + be(n)d

25        NAIVER; anag.

27        ENGELS; en gels

29        TRANNY; t(y)ranny

30        LIMO; l I mo; LARGE; l a r(a)ge; CROWN for MOLAR

31        PHOOEY; p hooey & lit.

32        ALLELE; l in allee

33        TURNIP; turn I p; PERSON; anag. + n; GUINEA for NIPPER


2          ARRAS; arr. A S

3          VOTIVE; o,t in vive

4          ACRE; r in ace; NAME; hidden; GROAT for CRENA

5          POINTER; 2 mngs.

6          NAIA; Na(mib)ia

7          NUCLEIDE; U Cl e in nide

8          YRNEHS; yr. + SHEN (rev.)

9          RINSED; ins in red

10        YESTERDAY; yes + t in anag.

14        SCAN; c in scan; INEPT; in EPT; TANNER for CANINE

16        TRAVELOG; Ravel in got (rev.)

18        ELF; fle(w) (rev.); ANGLE; (t)angle; EURO for FANG

20        DEXTRAN; extra in DN(A)

21        MANCHU; man chu(m)

22        SIGNOR; (w)rong is (all rev.)

24        BENNES; ben nes(t)

26        ANGLO; an glo(p)

28        LIEU; lie U
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