Solution to Enigmatic Variations No. 652: Literally

PALMTOP at 9 was rather sneaky since only the unchecked T was affected, becoming N.


Sequences of letters arte entered as sequences or using TO instead of the way presented in the answer.  Hence BE(S-TO-W) at 1 across becomes BE(STUVW), while PROTA(NOP)E at 17 becomes PROTA(N-TO-P)E.


1              BESTOW entered BESTUVW; best ow!

6              FIT-UP; put if (rev.)

10           APPRO; ap pro

11           EIDOLA; do in a lie (rev.)

12           NIRLS; in (rev.) + RLS

15           DOWNA-DO; Down ado

16           BEAM; E in bam

17           PROTANOPE entered PROTANTOPE; pro tan (r)ope

20           DECIME; Dec 1 + me

22           OLEO; o Leo

23           TSAR; s in tar

25           LINE-UP; neu in lip

26           COLLAR-STUD entered COLLARTOUD; anag.

29           FITS; 2 mngs.

30           MALIGNS; m + anag.

34           SONSY; sons y

35           REWIRE; I r in anag.

36           SCOIR; Co. in Sir

37           MILTON entered MILMN; mil. ton

38           ETOILE entered EFGHILE; E + Eliot (rev.)


1              BAWD; w in bad & lit.

2              EPHOR; EP hor(ror)

3              SPEW; P in sew

4              TRENT; r in tent

5              VOID; v 0 I’ D

6              FILM NOIR entered FILTOOIR; if (rev.) + LM + no I + r

7              IDS; I’d s

8              ULLAGE; (f)ull age

9              PALMTOP entered PALMNOP; L in pot map (all rev.)

13           ROTULA; U L in rota

14           NEELE; eel in (0)ne

18           AMELCORN; anag.

19           NEKTON entered NEKLMN; nek to n

20           DEFORM entered DTOFORM; i.e. de for m

21           CACTI; C + Act I

24           SAIKEI; a Ike in is (rev.)

27           TITCH; tit Ch

28           UNTIL; hidden

31           AS IF; a sif(t)

32           GHI entered GTOI; h in GI

33           SIRE; s ire

34           SIM; sim(p)

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