Enigmatic Variations No. 684 – solution

Keen eyes will spot an eleventh possibility, but I wonder if I did at the time.  Else why persist with HAS(TEN)S and the relatively obscure HASS as the entry?



Ten answers lost the word TEN to form the grid entries.  Thus there were TEN OUT OF TEN (or ‘Full marks’), which was to highlighted in the NW-SE diagonal.


1          THAW; cf. what

4          TOSTADA; sta(ff) in toda(y)

10        ENROL; L + r in one (all rev.)

11        ISLE; hidden

12        I-AND-I; Ian Di

13        PLAGAL; lag in pal

15        RARE; hidden rev.

17        ENTRUST; ENT rust

21        (TEN)TING; (pa)tenting

22        SCALP; plac(e)s (rev.)

23        HUNKS; 2 mngs.

25        LA(TEN)CY; late + c in NY

27        SPORULE; sp 0 rule

29        PRO(TEN)D; rot in pend

35        ORDEAL; or deal

36        RATUS; rat US

37        OCAS; O cas(t)

38        SIXTE; x in site

39        TWINSET; wins in Tet

40        BOS’N; s in nob (rev.)


1          TRIBES; B in tries

2          HEAR(TEN); eart(h) in hen

3          ANNA; n in ana; A and the King

4          TOIL; 2 mngs.

5          OLPES; cf. Poles

6          (TEN)SILE; ens in tile

7          TSAR; t,s a,r

8          DEARN; R in dean

9          (TEN)ABLE; en in table

14        ORLY; or(der)ly

16        AINU; a in U

18        TACO; tac(k) 0

19        UPS; (c)ups

20        THO; t ho!

21        TURF; initial letters & lit.

24        SEISIN; is I in sen

26        ARROW; (h)arrow

28        PULSE; p U LSE

29        POR(TEN)T; r in potent

30        DEAN; a in den

31        HAS(TEN)S; a s t in hens

32        WRIT(TEN); it t in Wren

33        OTTO; OTT o

34        GUES(TEN); anag.


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