Enigmatic Variations No. 743: Stragglers

A number of clues contain a misprint of one letter in the definition; their answers are too long for the space indicated by their number.  The surplus letters are STRAGGLERS, one by one in order appearing in the subsequent answers (whose indicated lengths are thus one too great for their answers, but whose clues are otherwise normal.  STRAGGLERS from the last across answers will spill over into the downs and vice versa.  The interruptions are always given by a correct letter in a crossing word.  Correct letters in misprints in order spell out how the STRAGGLERS appear.


1              Rumpus with artist offering title for both sexes (7)

6              Unwaged person following school sport (5)

10           Bump into formerly overlooked heir (10)

11           Knows kiss given by the French is latent in Scots (6)

13           Distinctive pattern shown by boaters? (4)

14           Financial support? America’s bottom (7)

15           Bill’s erotic shenanigans initially showing evidence of syphilis (6)

17           Black humour item? Society’s putout (4)

18           One offers miner assessment – head of colliery carries it out, absorbing little time (8)

21           Flowers to dip in the centre (8)

22           Cheap labourer – not full value? (4)

23           Thin Scotsman’s spots back after giving up cocaine (6)

25           Pledge areas to be sorted out with army etc. at fullest stretch (7)

28           Ornamental stand, one let slip by elderly fist  (4)

29           Unknown source of odour and endless upset – skunk? (6)

30           Loner, exhausted after excess drug usage, with nothing to do (10, 3 words)

31           This dancing’s old time (5)

32           It keeps things unhealed, if great error with treatment (7)


1              Party audible? Here’s wine (5)

2              Revolted feeling, about to tuck into the mushroom (10, 2 words)

3              Reservation over beer’s subsequent transaction (7)

4              Computer’s uninterrupted power supply increases (4)

5              Brought up story about remote insectivores (8)

6              Sard stone reset in neat rings (6)

7              Help virgin to shake off male (4)

8              Cap on after hard blow: Not quite (6)

9              Cut out religious group following Exodus (7)

12           Likely to drip one striking brandy containing little good wine? (10)

16           Boat upheld warning to stop in drizzle in Scotland (8)

18           Cold duffise liquids almost ding for flowering plant (7)

19           Monkey with no love for stuffy atmosphere (7)

20           More than one card sharp concealing nothing (6)

21           Hero launches rebuilt place for horses? (6)

24           Celebrity left out of rage (5)

26           Energy and more energy forming personality… (4)

27           …personality, but not initially spirit? (4)

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