Enigmatic Variations No. 743: Stragglers – solution

This proved to be quite a difficult grid to fill, especially amongst the down entries where the entry that required an additional letter was unexpectedly on the other half of the grid, or quite a way below.  The across entries were quite orderly by comparison.  In some cases I even came up with real words after the intervention of the straggler – the fifth row seemed to hog them.  One or two of the others seemed to drive the clue-writing element – 8 down and 24 down used devices where the letters eliminated were also the ones introduced.  James let me get away with two references to ‘sect’ – not sure that would be allowed these days.

Misprints spelled POST HOC.


1              STIRRA; stir RA

6              GAME; gam E

10           FORGATHER; forgat her

11           KENSPECKLE; kens peck le; Patent

13           RYA; abbreviation

14           FUNDUS; fund US

15           TABES; tab e,s

17           JET; je(S)t

18           CRITICASTER; c + t in anag; minOr

21           CORSAGE; sag in core

22           RAT; rat(e)

23           SKELF; fle(C) ks (rev.)

25           SPREADEAGLE; anag; armS

28           NEF; ne(I)f

29           ZORIL; z o ril(e)

30           ODD ONE OUT; OD done out

31           SITH; anag.

32           REFRIGERATOR; anag; unheaTed


1              SEKT; ‘sect’

2              THE CREEPS; re in the ceps

3              RESALE; res ale

4              UPS; UPS abbrev.

5              AGOUTAS; out in saga (rev.)

6              GANNISTER; anag; Hard

7              AID; (m)aid

8              SHAKO; shak(e) o’

9              EXSECT; Ex sect

12           BUTTER-FINGERED; butter + g in fine + red; drOp

16           SCOWDER; scow + red (rev.)

18           COSMOS; c osmos(e)

19           LANGUR; langu(0)r

20           TAROT; 0 in tart

21           CHARNEL-HOUSE; anag; Corses

24           FAME; f(l)ame

26           EGO; e go

27           ELF; (s)elf

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