Enigmatic Variations No. 783: Location

I received an email during the past fortnight which contained a puzzle suggestion.  I realised I’d already done a puzzle that had taken that suggestion in a slightly different direction, and here it is.  Thanks to Chris Lancaster, the Enigmatic Variations editor, for the go-ahead to publish old EV puzzles.


Answers are entered according to where they actually start in the grid.  Solvers are recommended to use pencil at first.  Wordplay in most clues indicates the required answer with an extra letter, which does not appear in the grid – in each set of answers these letters spell out a LOCATION, in one of which Kcit resides and which will guide solvers to the unclued answer.  Chambers (2011) is recommended, but still does not give the common 1d (in OED) and only implies the existence of 22.


1          I should return to United States – a hellish place (3)

5          Parasitic worms shattered stone disc (8)

12        Pub worker forgetting name is being attended to (6, 2 words)

13        Doorman turning and going again (5)

14        Unattractive neglected woman heading off to Benin (5)

15        Pitfall before end of nature trail (5)

18        Develop former practice in map shading (7)

20        One’s invested in maximum acceptable sponge (7)

21        Reveal method in South Dakota (4)

23        Chap’s head of senior service (4)

24        Hydrogen gas mostly swathing Rhode Island, providing limit to vision (7)

25        Sesame excited deli set (7)

28        Quantity of stamps (Seychelles) displaying flower (5)

30        Composer backed verse form (5)

32        Young creature given reduced cabbage in passive stage (5, 2 words)

33        Ancient Greek student’s study is encapsulated in it (6)

34        Thinly-cut meat piece also given a beating (8)

35        Bird no longer seen in trench around castle (3)


1          Term of commiseration sufficed, French author having lost article (7)

2          Pillboxes appearing in pink routinely (4)

3          Movement generally contains opening for horn and a wind instrument (5)

4          Orchestra plays crudely? Wood wouldn’t stand a chance with them (8)

6          Girl, close, with sex-appeal – Henry follows (5)

7          Bludgeon leads to violent pain in Brazil (6)

8          Trainee officers having little weight in attempt to get Scottish hood (8)

9          I take precedence for guts (4)

10        Is in favour of getting stuck into provisions upheld in logical process (8)

11        Little light for Scot – it’s the eye infection (4)

16        Proceeds – perhaps initially pounds with working (8, 2 words)

17        A Catholic leader’s last three letters including Latin? Furious reaction (8)

19        Language issue in Scotland after one Highland Gael loses heart (8)

22        Scarcely any resistance making mom rich (7)

24        Best item of angling equipment for fish (6)

26        No longer check singular infection (5)

27        Pineapple, article found in tropical wood (5)

28        Man set up yard with certain trees (4)

29        What stops writer being unreserved? (4)

31        Love settling into nap – nap in Scotland, that is (4)

PDF of puzzle

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