Enigmatic Variations No. 783 – solution

I hope I’ll be forgiven for utilising a pdf of the solution grid (full printed notes are being given as well).  In the seven years since the puzzle appeared I’ve clearly forgotten how to invert some of the letters in my gridding software.  I wonder how James Leonard did it (anyone got the printed solution to No. 785?).  Come to that, I wonder how did it.

For what it’s worth, Wellington’s antipodal city is actually Madrid (the only pair of capital cities that are more or less antipodal, I think).  We don’t get anything like the same weather though – high central plain vs. perched on coastal channel makes quite a difference.  For other antipodal fun, you should check what Formosa in Argentina is across the world from.

Location solution grid

Kcit lives in New Zealand and answers in the lower half of the grid were entered inverted, with cross-checking relying on letters with rotational symmetry (H, I, N, O, S, X, Z) or forming new letters when rotated (M/W).  Addition letters in wordplay spelled UNITED KINGDOM and NEW KCIT ZEALAND.  ANTIPODES was entered antipodally.


1          DIS; I’d (rev.) + US

5          CESTOIDS; anag; N

12        IN HAND; in(n) hand

13        RELIT; tiler (rev.)

14        DOWDY; (w)Idow DY

15        TRAPE; trap e

18        HACHURE; haTch ure

20        MONAXON; onE in max on

21        SHOW; how in SD

23        MASS; maN’s s

24        HORIZON; H + RI in ozon(e)

25        TIL SEED; anag.

28        PANSY; panE SY

30        RENGA; Wagner (rev.)

32        PUPAL; pup Kal(e)

33        IONIST; Con is in it

34        ESCALOPE; anag; I

35        MOA; moaT


1          DIDDUMS; did Dum(a)s

2          INRO; hidden; K

3          SHAWM; h a in swIm

4          BAND-SAWS; band saws; ref. Sir Henry W

6          EDITH; eNd it H

7          SAPPAN; sap panG

8          TROT-COZY; OTC oz in try

9          ILEA; I leaD

10        DISPROOF; is pro in foOd (rev.)

11        STYE; styMe

16        PASSES ON; p asses on

17        APOPLEXY; L in a Pope XYZ

19        YINGLISH; yin G,l ish

22        MICROHM; anag.

24        CAPLIN; cap linE

26        STINT; s tAint

27        ANANA; an in Lana

28        ELMY; mAle (rev.) + y

29        OPEN; No pen

31        OOZE; 0 in Doze
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