Enigmatic Variations No. 976: Wind

The answers to normal clues are entered with two (in only 2 instances, symmetrically placed) or three consecutive letters out of place (e.g. WORD could be entered WRDO or WDOR but not WDRO or WODR).  The affected letters form a four-way symmetric pattern in the grid, which solvers must shade.  Two symmetrically arranged thematic, which must be highlighted with a different colour, WIND through this shaded area, and wil also help indicate what should go in the central square.  Wordplay in remaining clues gives the answer with a surplus letter not entered in the grid; in clue order, these letters spell out a hint to the thematic words that fill the shaded area.



1              Simple sport book penned by friend – remarkable (7)

7              One may draw tumult once to jail (6)

11           Feasible Old English Queen’s a remarkable person (3-2)

14           Overdraft’s satisfactory, egad! (4)

15           Disquiet suppressed by German criminal (8)

16           Cards showing fickle person securing love (5)

17           Recipe the last word in some Japanese cuisine (5)

18           Never coy when rearranging transfer again (8)

19           Wave almost entirely doing for marine creature (4)

20           Certainly taken aback, enthralled by dainty jewel (7)

22           Evoking slime containing fuel, found around Australia (6)

24           Policewoman’s behind, tailing Unionist? Take to higher level (6)

27           Hear ______ is replace – euro cashed as result (6)

28           South African lodge is most reasonable (6)

30           Root with twisting network getting bird (7)

33           Scars one with part of sword (4)

34           Suggesting I am gambling, losing article (8)

36           Anguish for Poe in opening line? (5)

38           Better leg from chicken (5)

40           Item of clothing, a number that’s well-organised (8)

41           I gave wrong information after recalling food store (4)

42           Curved shapes not right for hair (5)

43           Fools associate with Government lawyers (6)

44           Exemplars of cruelty distilled in remarks (7)


1              Piano, restrained for jazzman’s group of players (4)

2              An opening for date with genuine girl (6)

3              Witness accepting a lot of money, forming legal precedent (8, 2 words)

4              Target of revolutionaries in French city getting beheaded as well? Not quite (6)

5              Moon’s mostly enticement around NASA? Not half (5)

6              See a reduction in poverty for one borrowing money (6)

7              Lyric’s success, taken in by a theatre fan (8)

8              Using belt secures equipment picked up in outer districts (7)

9              Astute sovereign ditching queen (4)

10           Scottish herald drolly put out over French refusal (8, 2 words)

12           Nothing suspect about molybdenum containing metal (6)

13           Allowing pardon of mercenary (5)

20           African languages? Copper translated Tshi in carbon copy (8)

21           I try to upset American regarding metal (8)

23           Party publications start to show dull attitude (8)

25           Mostly threadbare city, a precursor to demise? (6)

26           Arrangement of hair appropriate to dissolute poet (7)

29           Verdi opera well sent up? Shame (5)

30           Groups of Indian officials translated ‘Shalom’ (6)

31           Steal pannier? Scots tattled (6)

32           Obstruction from net under drooping ornamental chain (6)

35           Fell over a shield (5)

37           Secret police once turned up chasing ship’s record (4)

39           Show of affection is seen in top pictures, looking up (4)

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