Enigmatic Variations No. 976: Wind solution

Areas to be shaded formed a shape with rotational symmetry in the grid.  The central unshaded section spelled (row by row) EYE OF THE STORM, once H was placed in the central square.  Additional letters in clues spelled LOOK AT IT CYCLONICALLY, which indicated TORNADO and TYPHOON (cyclonic storms) to be highlighted within the shaded area.



1              PATBALL; l in paL tall

7              PENCIL; pen cOil

11           ONE-ER; on OE ER

14           ODSO; OD’s OK

15           GANGSTER; angst in Ger.

16           TAROT; 0 in tart

17           RAMEN; r amen

18           RECONVEY; anag.

19           SEAL; seA al(l)

20           CAT’S-EYE; yes (rev.) in cate

22           OOZILY; Oz in oily

24           UPWAFT; U PW aft

27           ESCUDO; comp. anag. & lit.

28           SANEST; SA nest

30           ORTOLAN; anag. + LAN

33           HILA; hilt a

34           IMPLYING; I’m pl(a)ying

36           DOLOR; l in door

38           CAPON; cap on

40           TOGETHER; tog ether

41           DELI; I lIed (rev.)

42           ESSES; T(r)esses

43           CHUMPS; chum CPS

44           SADISTS; dist. in saYs


1              POOL ; p Cool

2              ANDREA; an d reaL

3              TEST CASE; cas(h) in teste

4              ARISTO; (P)aris to(o)

5              LUNAR; NA(SA) in lur(e)

6              LOANEE; lo! a nee(d)

7              PLAY-GOER; lay go in per

8              ENGIRDS; rig (rev.) in ends

9              CUTE; cOute(R)

10           LORD LYON; anag. + Non

12           OSMOUS; Mo in 0 sus

13           VENAL; venIal

20           CUSHITIC; Cu + anag. in cc

21           YTTRIOUS; anag. + US

23           DOZINESS; do zines s

25           NAPLES; naples(s)

26           FORETOP; for + anag.

29           AIDOS; AidA + so (rev.)

30           OMLAHS; anag.

31           CLYPED; cly ped

32           ANKLET; Lank let

35           PELTA; pelt a

37           OGPU; Log + up (rev.)

39           KISS; is in skY (rev.)

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