In algebra, the unknowns x, y and z may represent any number.  Unknowns in clue answers are ignored in wordplay and, in ten cases, replaced by numbers in grid entries.


1              British about to take it easy in informal jacket

7              Bacteria, say, not right to be considered fine things

10           I am, regrettably, returning the sausage

12           Transport system will make you scoff

13           Annoying miser OK for a change

14           Licentious times associated with US city

16           For this dessert use ice-cream – and use nuts!

17           Old instruments partly restored, but only partly

21           It measures current American distance (in American style)

23           University course for aspiring politicians head of Department put more into

25           Takes off the bottle one covered in unpleasant spots

26           Greek character in maze (taurine)

28           It’s cheap, tatty, fake

30           Poured and drank to the dregs (though not at first)

34           Dismayed about this positive vote?

35           Worker with one record showing mathematical quantity

36           Lot feeling repressed?

37           A high point in the works

38           Just on-line?

39           Some gazes that will show passion


1              Local ordinance in respect of US city’s well-being initially

2              Fat? A little globular, definitely!

3              Drunkard? Speech lacks the ultimate in refinement

4              Classification putting burden on leaders of office managers

5              Act extremely distant, heading off

6              Behold rises (outgoings)

7              $1,000 gets photos capturing King – that should lead to a race! (two words)

8              Live in perfect religious building

9              28d’s upset the rest

11           Extra rich? Not quite

15           Not suitable for eating after cooking

18           Holy man absorbed by the anima mundi

19           Middle of leg inflamed after upset – apparently bitten

20           Details of machine capacity perhaps a little reduced

22           Quantity of explosive – no splendid thing to turn up

24           Five hundred and one years is some time

27           In favour of keeping poster in art gallery

28           Soft fish suffer the effects of the sun?

29           As a pupil in French, you will need little support

31           Dead tree – blight?

32           Ballet step almost worked

33           A good deal in the possession of Biblical character

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