In ten cases… solution

For what it’s worth, I doubt I’d write 17 across like that now.  But it’s not too horrible.


The ten ‘cases’ were portmanteau words.  The true word was clued, while the entry was the complementary ‘word’ deducible from the unused letters of the portmanteau-ed words.  Hence, SQUARSON at 7 across: SQU(IRE) & (P)ARSON, yielding PIRE.


1             DIARCHAL; arch in dial

7             SQUARSON; squar(e) son; PIRE

10           GNOMON; gnom(e) on

12           STAGFLATION; stag flat ion; INNANT

13           CEMENT; c(as)ement

14           LIGER; li(N)ger; TION

16           REATA; a ta(m)er (all rev.)

17           YENS; (do)yens

19           BRIAREAN; briar e an; many hands make l.w.

21           ORATOR; or(c)a to r

23           SLIT; til(l)s (rev.)

24           BRAT; t’ Ar(a)b (all rev.) & lit.

26           CHUNNEL; Hun n in cel(l); TANNEL

28           REGATHER; the in rager (rev.)

30           EASE; implied hidden

31           SLURB; slur B; SUBUM

33           MUMM; Mumm(y)

34           EMENDS; em ends

36           TRISTE; Trist(an) e

37           BIFFED; b if Fed

38           SMOG; GOM’s (rev.); FOKE

39           BRUNCH; anag. + ch; LEAKFAST


1             DO-IT-YOURSELF; anag. & lit.

2             ANNONA; no in anna

3             ROAN; (g)roan

4             MOTEL; mot el; HOTOR

5             FRANGLAIS; rang LA in f I’s; ANCAIS

6             LEE; 2 mngs.

7             TANGELO; el(m) in tang (rev.) O; POMERINE

8             IDEA; cf. aide

9             ENTANGLEMENT; anag. & lit.

11           INTAKE; comp. anag. & lit.

15           E-BOAT; 0 in E bat

18           STRAUNGE; s + anag.

20           ALARM; alar m

22           RHEUMY; he in RU my!

25           THISBE; this be

27           NAUSEA; a use in NA

29           ENTIA; E + anag.

32           BEAK; Beak(er)

33           MIFF; m(a s t)iff

35           DAL; l for d in dad


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