Leading Lights: solution

If you sneaked a peek at my ‘About me’ page, you might well have registered that my degree is in astronomy.  My début Independent Magazine puzzle gave me a chance to revisit that.  Plus it’s always nice to get an X in the top left corner.



17 down was STAR TURNS, indicating that the other unclued lights were names of stars entered in reverse


5             UBERTY; U + anag.

10           IDEATE; e in I date

11           ENARM; en a RM

12           RAT-TRAP; part tar (all rev.)

16           TEPEES; see pet (all rev.)

23           LUCIGEN; anag.

26           CASE-SHOT; anag.

27           BESEEM; besee m

34           BLAIN; B la! in

35           SUPAWN; sup + w in an

36           SYNDET; synd e,t


2             LETS; 3 mngs.

3             LATE; la te

4             PEAR; cf. reap

5             UMPTEEN; Pte in U men

7             ENA; ane (rev.)

8             RAGED; R aged

9             TREE ONION; I in anag.

13           RHEA; hidden

15           CLOUTERLY; l outer in cly

19           BLIP; b lip

20           GAES; hidden rev.

22           SEAMSET; seam set

24           LEAL; ea in L L

25           ASIAN; a + is (rev.) + an

26           CERNE; r in (s)cene

28           MUSS; s-sum (rev.)

29           TUPI; tup I

30           AGAR; a gar

32           MID; last letters + dim (rev.)
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