Musical Chairs solution

What a lot of hidden clues, I thought, as I typed this up.  Still there is something inherently chancy about the fact that the unclued answers are merely intermediaries, defining the links in the chain rather than being them.  Worth being a bit easy to ensure they’re got, perhaps.  Nevertheless 3 down is pretty well obviously CONCERNING and there aren’t many 2-letter words meaning that, so that should have been a way in.  And I tried as hard as possible to make sure CAROUSEL came to mind in 28 down.


The sequence CELEBRATE (19a), AWAKEN (2d), STIR (17a), WILE (30a), REGRET (26a) and CONCERNING (3d) defines CAROUSE, AROUSE, ROUSE, RUSE, RUE and RE.  The musical CAROUSEL is found in the final column.


1              EAR-CAP; ear cap

6              OSIRIS; 0 sir is

11           SWOOP; initial letters & lit.

12           ELEMI; hidden rev.

13           TANNERS; cf. tenners

15           PAD; pa(I)d

18           NAME; man (rev.) + E

20           SNARE; hidden rev.

21           PINATA; a in pint + a

22           THINLY; thin(g) l(ikel)y

23           TIBER; B in tier

26           IMBROGLIO; r in anag.

29           BOSN; sob (rev.) + n

31           LOO; loo(k)

32           GOATEES; go at + see (rev.)

34           ERNST; hidden

35           NEELE; hidden

37           STROLL; r in s toll


1              ESTOC; hidden

4              APE; (t)ape

5              PORTRAY; port ray

6              OSSIA; a is so (all rev.)

7              SEAR; sea r

8              REPAYABLE; anag.

9              IMAMS; M in I’m as

10           SIDECAR; I’d in races (rev.)

14           ONE-NIGHTER; anag.

16           PLAINSONG; anag.

20           STABLER; 2 mngs.

21           PARLOUS; parlou(r)s

24           EISELL; e I sell

25           MOORE; o in more

27           BIGOT; big OT

28           OUSEL; (car)ousel

30           WITE; 2 mngs.

33           ANT; ant(I)

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