Not So Complex?



The perimeter, from 11 to 27 and again from 33 to 15, offers a six-word quotation, slightly expanded from its original form, in two groups of three words.  The application of the quotation explains the link between four thematic answers clued without definition and their jumbled entries.



10        Cooker’s ring? Venerable (4)

11        Game to be won even when bagging zero (6)

12        Cooked carrot – draining device required (6)

13        Instrument that hurls stone into windows (8)

14        Scales tipping out British currency (4)

16        Conservative to get married, embracing object of affection (10)

17        Girl’s very much taken aback about love of certain relics? (7)

22        Heavyweight activity importing fashionable carved item (7)

23        One avoids rather embarrassed article by King (10)

28        Some play better once beaten (4)

29        Basic little creature swallowing coin (8)

31        Indian peasant I try mixing up with a couple of articles (6)

32        Lizard appearing in saga (Middle-Earth) (6)

34        Exaggerated score? Not entirely (4)


1          Identical components of degree qualifications (5)

2          Duality exhibited by individuals in the West and South (7)

3          Firm investing in mine (5)

4          Student driver: “Is parking an impediment?” (4)

5          Places to stay? Second’s left out of reports (6)

6          What’s represented in words? (7)

7          Changed with time and turned to oust leader (7)

8          Graft rarely accepted by born-again archbishop (6)

9          Primarily of the inner cochlea? (inter alia) (4)

18        Colonnade in fashion adopted by group of countries? (7)

19        How tyrant rules with general? (7)

20        Railway workers will have me wrapped in cloth (7)

21        Society girl put away? That prompts discussion (6)

22        Fish like a tight line and attempt to rise? (6)

24        Prince is bringing good farm animals (4)

25        Odd bits of some skill may be very neat (5)

26        English scoundrel put up weapon (5)

30        Waving wand for a start (4)

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