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The fascinating thing about this quotation is its remarkable average word length.  The average in common use is around 4.5 letters per word, yet this ratchets up 7.  And there’s a curious almost-symmetry about it.  If you were clueing it in the ordinary way, it would have the length pattern (5,4,12,12,5,4).  I doubt there’s anything else like that, though I’d be happy to be proved wrong.



The quotation is QUIET CALM DELIBERATION DISENTANGLES EVERY KNOT from The Gondoliers.  (Gilbert actually has EV’RY.)  Solving the clues to the thematic entries (using calm deliberation, of course) gave you four knots, which were entered in jumbled form.




10        OVEN; O Ven

11        QUOITS; 0 in quits

12        TROCAR; anag.

13        PAN-PIPES; pip in panes

14        LIRA; Li(B)ra

16        CLOVE HITCH; love in C hitch

17        OSSEOUS; 0 in Sue’s so (rev.)

22        TONDINO; in in ton do

23        SHEEPSHANK; sheep(I)sh an K

28        YBET; hidden

29        RUDIMENT; dime in runt

31        RAIYAT; anag. inc. a,a

32        AGAMID; hidden

34        TALL; tall(y)


1          EQUAL; hidden

2          TWONESS; ones in t’ W S

3          PICOT; Co. in pit

4          LISP; L is P

5          MOTELS; mo tel(l)s

6          WINDSOR; anag.

7          EVOLVED; (r)evolved

8          INARCH; hidden

9          OTIC; initial letters & lit.

18        EUSTYLE; EU style

19        OVERALL; over all

20        LINEMEN; me in linen

21        DEBATE; deb ate

22        TAUTOG; taut + go (rev.)

24        PIGS; g in P is

25        SMART; s(o)m(e) art

26        KNIFE; E fink (all rev.)

30        DAWN; anag.

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