14/1/1898 solution

This, oddly enough, is a 36 word 12×12 grid, the sort you might see as an Azed puzzle.  However, the checking isn’t quite so good (1 and 28 down).  Given the thematic constraints, it’s not so bad, though I now see that adding NODS and CAPS was possible, which would have removed an unchecked letter from the rather abstruse DEMISE OF.  Even better might have been finding a way to match ENISLE (tempting on the fifth row) with an extended 26 across – this would have cleared up two awkward bits of unching.

14, 1, 18, 9, 8 gave CENTURY SINCE DEMISE OF LEWIS CARROLL, who died on 14 January, 1898.  Various Wonderland characters appeared in the clues, while ALICE made an appearance in the grid.


3              THEATRICAL; the a + C in trial

10           IRRUPT; purr (rev.) in it; CAT

11           ORNATE; n in orate; KNIGHT

12           NEAR; n ear

13           AIRSCREW; airs crew

16           VERDI; anag; MARCH

17           ISLE; hidden

19           ET AL; eta l

22           AISLES; a isles; CATERPILLAR

23           RELATE; re late; DORMOUSE

24           ELMS; el MS

26           TEAR; 2 mngs.

30           GYMNAST; g + anag. + St.

31           MONA LISA; anag.

32           KNEE; hidden; HARE

33           EVELYN; cf. evenly

34           PILLOW; pil(e) low; WHITE

35           LOS ANGELES; an gel in loses


2              GREEN TEA; anag.

4              HURTS; ‘Hertz’; COOK

5              EPAULETTE; E Paulette; WHITE

6              TORY PARTY; anag; MAD

7              INCENSE; in C + anag; DUCHESS

15           REVENGING; even g in ring

16           VOICEMAIL; O in vice ‘male’

20           ALPINES; al(l) pines

21           LA SCALA; las(t) cala(mity); HATTER

25           CAMEL; came l; RABBIT

27           ANKLE; an + elk (rev.)

28           STEWS; wets (rev.) + S

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