Puzzle of the Year of the… solution

Well, it seems reasonable to put the thematic material in green.  What bothers me principally looking back at this puzzle is the rather casual assumption that people would have known that 1991 was the Year of the Maze, a celebration of things labyrinthine designed to coincide with the anniversary of the UK’s most famous example.  I doubt anyone would have come away from the puzzle not thinking ‘Maze’, but there’s still a stretch to confirming the actual theme.

The quote is from Ella Wheeler Wilcox.



1          HEN(S); he n

4          ESCHALOT; anag.

10        (O)BTRUSIVE; tru(e) in anag.

11        MUM(M); 2 mngs.

12        EONS; (pig)eons

14        PAE(AN); pae(lla)

15        FRANC; ran in FC

19        S(A)W-EDGE; ‘s wedge

21        ODENSE; O dense

22        (T)OP GUN; anag. + n

23        NIG(HTS); gin (rev.)

24        (H)OLIST; o list

26        CAN(A)STA; can sta(y)

28        ORA(T)E; 0 + ear (rev.)

31        (W)ITAN; it a N

33        (W)H(A)M; HM

34        FA-LA; a la F (all rev.)

35        REM(IND)I(N)G; rem + (b)ig

36        TOWNLAN(D); own L in tan

37        LADY; hidden rev.


2          ELUARD; ar(m) in anag.

3          NAME; an (rev.) + ME

4          EBO(N)IS(T)S; I in E boss

5          STE(Y)S; sets (rev.)

6          CRO(P); CR 0

7          ASS; as S

8          OVEN; ove(r) N

13        GADGIE; I in gadge(t)

16        REPLY; rep-ly

17        REGNAL; Langer (rev.)

18        UN(HAT); un

20        WOOD(WIND); ‘would’

25        SCALED; ca in sled

27        A(D)MIN; Amin

29        RHEO-; initial letters

30        (NAD)A; a

32        TA-TA; tat a

33        (WI)N; n
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