There have been six misattributed sightings near 51 across.  The six different things actually sighted are to be found in six different clue answers.  Before the answers are entered into the grid, however, each of these things is replaced by a single-letter component of something else.  Correct arrangement of these six letters should enable solvers to arrive at the alternative, four-word form of the something else, which should be highlighted in the completed grid.


1              Psychological technique that could make Thatcher cross?

11           To help crook is a hazard

12           Country girl shuns reading

13           Prophecy from a universal teacher incomplete

15           Reproduction bed

16           How baleen may be represented?

17           Dead line accepted by fruit trader

19           Gas, nitrogen, absent from below

21           Certain character engaged in ruthless oil-extraction?

23           Chap making use of odd bits of earpiece

24           Last month’s product to sell less well?

26           Common error in umlaut

28           Break into, we hear, for jewellery

29           Feasible team may be able to score

31           Holiday curtailed with introduction of college studies

33           Model draped around piano, one expressing disapproval

36           Covering voucher firm put out

38           Stick always used around rear of tame animal

39           Canonical office in later ceremony

44           Extra late party keeps one alert

46           What may stir me? Waving leash may

47           Islands – prepares to fish, getting no bass

48           East European country turning peculiar

49           Be busy, with huntsmen returning

50           I study on-screen feature

51           See preamble


1              Sang head off in confinement

2              Some film editor danced

3              Tense when in single item of clothing

4              Girl’s about to name German men

5              Very dry, burning, not cold

6              Art style in which youngster is master

7              Some hair trimmed off top of leg

8              Instrument one used to support boat

9              Muslim turned up in students’ group

10           Last helping of breakfast cereal spread with sweet stuff

14           Chap loved the Queen

18           Sport implicated in a little rumour

20           Lid taken off instant pudding?

22           Feel theme upset English

25           Drink firms supported by article

27           One’s sick, heartless

28           Mistakenly buries dead and injured

30           Special offer about car’s first bit of decoration

32           Numbers turning up at a part of recital?

34           Apostle, interrupted by women, made of malleable stuff

35           Grudge being here without piano

37           Person with money runs away from part of service

40           It’s found in noted dictionary of old poetry

41           Male’s intent to injure

42           A sign the girls will go topless

43           Note colour applied to ceramic worked idly

45           Head’s left to provide education for everyone

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