Sleepers – solution

I am rather pleased with this puzzle from 1991 – it could easily appear without much criticism today.  I did restore one clue from my copy after reading the published version and thinking (obviously correctly): “I would never have written that”.  One day when I’m feeling daring I’ll write an article about editorial interventions.

In twelve cases, the clued word could be augmented by an extra letter to form a new word; each ‘new’ letter was always cross-checked by an identical ‘new’ letter.  The six ‘sleepers’ thus obtained could be arranged to spell SPYING.


1              SUPERNATURAL; r in anag.

9              (P)LANNER; an in LNER

10           RHINO; I in anag. & lit.

12           ENDOGEN; end + g in anag. & lit.

13           ECAD; E cad

14           WARFARIN(G); f + anag. in warn

16           DRAIN; hidden & lit.

19           ATONE; at one

20           EIGNE; I in e.g. né

21           FL(Y)INGS; 2 mngs.

24           RAMCATS; m ca. in rats

26           ESSE(N); palindrome

29           STARE; hidden rev.

31           PETRA; pet RA

32           NERVINES(S); n + anag.

35           ER(I)E; cf. here

36           UPSPEAK; U (M)Ps peak

37           EGEST; hidden

38           TOLUENE; comp. anag.

39           DISCONSENTED; S for t in discontented


1              S(P)ENDER; rednes(s) (rev.)

2              ULNARIA; (ha)ul + a Iran (rev.)

3              PAD-NAG; a D(0)n in pag€

4              ENOW; one (rev.) + w

5              NE’ER; ‘nare’

6              TREAT(Y); re in tat

7              RICIN; r I c in

8              LOD(G)E; ‘load’

11           HEROISE; her o is e

15           FALSE; anag.

17           INCAVES; I + c in naves

18           OFTEN; net FO (all rev.)

22           GERMANE; r man in gee

23           S(N)ACKED; 2 mngs.

25           ARISTO; a + sir (rev.) + to & lit.

27           STREET; 2 mngs.

28           KNEED; K need

30           TR(I)ES; tres(s)

33           EPOS; comp. anag.

34           (S)PUN; p(oke f)un
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