Star Quality


41 across (two words) is an appropriate anagram of the name (also two words) at 1 across. Two titles associated with that person are formed by dropping complete words from clue answers (leaving real words of the indicated length to be entered in the grid).  One of these titles is yielded by the across answers, and one by the down answers, and in both cases the title is formed by the dropped words in clue order.


11           Writer on Donizetti includes this piece of music (5)

13           Speed of the female swimmers (4)

14           A little ghost (5)

15           Retreating French entering certain German city (6)

16           Directed to lose time? Be angry (6, 2 words)

17           Exotic market that’s typically British? (4)

21           English travel and wander all over the place for perfume (5)

23           Coquettish and knowing about one, right? (6)

24           Passion exhibited by north-eastern girl (5)

25           Individual snatching six of sheep (5)

27           Get entangled? That’s what she will do with men! (6)

29           A lot of coppers, being quiet badly in G&S (5)

30           Dead good fish! (4)

31           Rude term for business man? Following one, diplomacy used in rebuttal (6, two words)

35           Portuguese aboard chosen horse (6)

38           A broom cut down for tropical plants (5)

39           Plans to encase heads of old biddies cutely in these? (4)

40           Like doughnuts? Almost excessively sugary – almost! (5)


1              One appeal to incorporate top-quality insulation material (8)

2              Use strop and foam around end of shave (4)

3              Scared, dodging father’s first telling-off (6)

4              Lively person or failing person losing heart (4)

5              Still hungry after swallowing a bit of tea, but not being heard (8)

6              Assistants overlooking a fateful date (4)

7              Sugar never found in church house (4)

8              Card game grasped by George Carter (6)

9              One’s incomplete plan to hold number imprisoned (4)

10           Was angry Peg shut up in lean-to? (4)

12           Mum’s able to hear cut (7)

18           Flower carried by sneaking Cupid (7)

19           Precious metals – Customs missing their introduction (4)

20           Chop suey with corn? It’ll get attention (8)

21           Weak Emperor, ineffectual type (4)

22           Backs scripture and poetry (8)

26           I note time runs on in subject of gene therapy (6)

28           One artist has tipped over a lot of sand (6)

31           Novel form of new faith linked to capital of Greece (4)

32           University – it’s in the black – that’s fitting (4)

33           Wine? Busy swallowing last (4)

34           Very new place in Scotland (4)

36           Large-scale portion of arthouse picture (4)

37           Sea-dweller disdaining a month’s work (4)

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