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GENUINE CLASS is an anagram of ALEC GUINNESS, whose films THE LAVENDER HILL MOB and THE MAN IN THE WHITE SUIT were formed from the words dropped from clue answers.


11           RONDO; hidden

13           BA(THE)RS; bat hers

14           SHADE; 2 mngs.

15           ERFURT; Fr in true (all rev.)

16           SEE RED; s(t)eered

17           SOUK; so UK

21           (LAVENDER) WATER; anag.

23           FLIRTY; I rt in fly

24           IRENE; ire NE

25           OVINE; VI in one

27           ENMESH; anag.

29           S(HILL)INGS; sh ill in G S

30           DACE; d ace

31           FAT CAT; f a + tact (rev.)

35           SENHOR; hidden

38           ABRUS; a brus(h)

39           (MOB)CAPS; o,b,c in maps

40           TORIC; to(o) ric(h)


1              ASBESTOS; best in a SOS

2              LEA(THE)R; e in lather

3              EARFUL; (f)earful

4              GOER; go(n)er

5              UNSTATED; t in unsated

6              IDES; (a)ides

7              (MAN)NOSE; no in manse

8              ECARTE; hidden

9              (IN)SIDE; n in I’s ide(a)

10           SEE(THE)D; tee (rev.) in shed

12           SHEARED; sh! eared

18           KINGCUP; hidden

19           ORES; (m)ores

20           CYNOSURE; anag.

21           WIMP; w Imp.

22           REVERSES; RE verses

26           INTRON; I n t r on

28           SAHARA; a RA has (all rev.)

31           (WHITE) FANG; anag. + G

32           (SUIT)ABLE; U it in sable

33           ASTI; asti(r)

34           TOON; too n

36           EPIC; hidden

37           OPUS; (Oct)opus
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