‘Twas Ever Thus



The wordplay in each clue references an extra letter not part of the word that is the grid entry.  These extra letters spell out a quotation (minus its first two words) that is represented by the three unclued down answers.  The quotation is, perhaps surprisingly (given its ready applicability), not in any standard reference.


1          Guy set about nonsense with the Spanish castanets (7)

6          Major film – that is, a picture (4)

9          More of Tudor scrapping is unacceptable (10, 3 words)

11        Observe return of position in organisation (5)

13        Mostly nervous young man in contest of love (6)

15        Domestic animal crashing into street animal’s home (4)

16        Old river-mouth unable to be located, I start to admit (5)

17        Legally uniting in linking two loved ones? (7)

18        Leg initially not known in fish (4)

19        Working again in theatre – urge acts in for review (9)

21        Hero ready to follow story (4)

23        Cheers fine bays in Orkneys (7)

24        Meat product no longer fresh and not entirely sound (5)

25        Couples went off, retiring without hint of reluctance (4)

28        Any cut in meal has a beginning (6)

30        Experts backed 2000’s development in broadcasting system (5)

31        Couple returned, accepting the wage I arranged had more to offer? (10)

32        No longer simple conclusion (4)

33        Jazzman Coleman increasingly accepting what’s not gross (7)


1          Unclued

2          Regret symbol for penny being used for Nepali coin (5)

3          End for riders after many a fall from horse (4)

4          Friendly, welcoming in noble (subject to cost) (10)

5          Unclued

6          Former PM required cut after reflection (4)

7          Small guy circumnavigating island (6)

8          Unclued

10        Release it after climbing into area of beach (5)

12        Losing skills not right in employment (5)

14        Temporaray building left hint of annoyance: Hong Kong’s a dump (10)

19        Run – I run from gun (5)

20        Bugs Bunny including nothing regarding part of language (5)

22        Old loud religious group – just a remnant (6)

26        Chamber group engaged in Berio cite troubles (5)

27        Fellow curtailed the US school subject (4)

29        Expected to suppress onsets of really gross compulsion (4)

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