Independent 2080 solution

Our old favourite, grid 6, again.  Not the most helpful grid for solvers, as noted elsewhere, I think.  I’m not sure these days I’d get away with 24, which Chambers now labels ‘(offensive)’.  But the puzzle was chosen for its date, and it reflects what was acceptable at the time.  There’s even a New Zealand reference!


1              MARIGOLD; ma rig old

5              SPRING; Pr in sing

9              SHUT DOWN; s hut down

10           JORDAN; Rd. in Joan

11           ROCKETRY; rock E try

12           BIBLES; bib-les(s)

14           OFF-LICENCE; l I c in offence

18           POT-BELLIED; pot bellied

22           EARWIG; w in anag. in e.g.

23           DEWPOINT; ‘do you’ point

24           SQUAWS; w in squas(h)

25           SCARCITY; scar city

26           IN TURN; rut (rev.) in inn

27           ILLUSION; us in (m)illion


1              MESSRS; mess RS

2              RAUNCH; u in ranch

3              GADGET; g ad get

4              LOW-PROFILE; Low profile

6              PROVINCE; provi(de)nce

7              INDOLENT; anag. + t

8              GANGSTER; angst in Ger.

13           BLUE-PENCIL; anag.

15           APRES-SKI; P in a re + anag.

16           STARDUST; d us in start

17           REVIEWER; ewe in river (rev.)

19           APERCU; hidden

20           BIKINI; B + kin in II

21           STAY ON; t in say on

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