Independent 3366




1          Most of autumn’s taken to study bird (6)

4          Make clear witchcraft’s not allowed (5,3)

10        Money owed on bet about upper-class girl in Society? (9)

11        Beginning to climb mound in freezing conditions (5)

12        Biblical community against love and Church (7)

13        Composer upset by hail and mud (7)

14        Entrances a Test, striking 50 (5)

15        Swimmer curtailed jerky movement, suddenly becoming ordinary (8)

18        Repairman possibly mad about energy and central heating (8)

20        Row about good opponent with considerable skill (5)

23        Collection of teeth noticed by journalist (7)

25        Independent purchasers, presumably academic types (7)

26        In formal surroundings, speak nothing rank (5)

27        Explosive opening to gig – i.e. tingle with excitement (9)

28        Scotsman’s crying: ‘Hello!’ (8)

29        Handsome man providing excitement and lust, say, on reflection (6)


1          Core of team means to follow vogue that’s come to nothing (4,4)

2          Failed to win, though potting black and, with a little hesitation, pink (7)

3          Manipulator’s work – getting into hot seat somehow (9)

5          It’ll mince road up badly, nothing less (9,5)

6          Pub? See visit curtailed (5)

7          Folded paper? I’m a type of cheque when turned over (7)

8          The Parisian’s apprehended in disturbance in Spanish city (6)

9          Following a trend, group is into staying sober (2,3,9)

16        Divorced editor swallowing rum (9)

17        Centre of government involving Left and Right in public transport (8)

19        Leave to travel around US state – not surrounding area (7)

21        European Community getting involved in grain supply is affecting Mediterranean member (7)

22        Improper, we hear, to follow most of the crowd (6)

24        Covering top of head when diving into rising river (5)

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