Independent 3767 solution

I carefully didn’t link 9 down with the rest of the theme, though it’s clearly there with intent.  Can’t now remember why.  I hope, though, that the generous sprinkling of anagrams would have helped solvers to the composer names less uppermost in the vocabulary.


7              ANNA; anna(l)

8              NAME THE DAY;

10           SIBELIUS; anag.

11           EISLER; anag.

12           WEBERN; Weber n

13           COMPOSER; c/o m poser

15           TRANSCENDENCE; anag.

18           SCHUBERT; anang.

20           DEMOTE; demo t,e

22           HANDEL; hand el

24           VICTORIA; 2 mngs.

25           PONCHIELLI; p on + anag.

26           ADAM; ad a m


1              ANTISEPTIC; Sept 1 in antic

2              VARESE; re in vase

3              ANCIENTS; NC i.e. in ants

4              STREAM; r in steam

5              TEASPOON; tea(m) + spoon

6              CAGE; 2 mngs.

9              MUSIC FESTIVAL; anag.

14           ELECTRICAL; elect RI Cal

16           AQUEDUCT;

17           DIDACTIC; did act I c

19           ÉCLAIR; CE (rev.) + lair

21           MOOLAH; mo + halo (rev.)

23           AGOG; a go g

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