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Luck of the draw, or perhaps just the fact that the 2005 folder is more comfortable to grasp and extract from among its fellows, has brought up a puzzle a mere 20 away from one already on the site – 5751 is here, if anyone wishes to make comparisons.  I looked at this one and thought: “Well, I wouldn’t do that these days” in a couple of places.

Nina lovers may be reassured that there is one here – even back in April 2005 I was looking to seed my grids.




7          Claim mob wrecked Hungarian instrument (8)

9          Money received in firm given to this writer (6)

10        Shake off the woman’s daughter (4)

11        Set challenge by her husband, she was barely up for it (4,6)

12        Pelted round lake in burst of activity (6)

14        Have difficulty working with line adopted by original sponsor (8)

15        South Island harbouring affected marine creatures (6)

17        Have another look at oarsmen heading off to take in contest (6)

20        Reserve quality cold drink (3-5)

22        Little animal twisted leg in hole (6)

23        Ecological concern least often encountered when news comes in (4-6)

24        Club at home without wingers – City? (4)

25        Bridge opponents taking heart again (6)

26        Organised group, with little hesitation, bagging new waste (8)


1          Tsar’s rising social circle bringing in first person from Germany (8)

2          Block almost raised? Not yet up (4)

3          Yorkshire location likely to be demolished (6)

4          It’s the precursor to a moving conversation (4-4)

5          An example of cool jiving? (3,7)

6          A film won’t be classified thus (1,5)

8          Change Government department if close to ignominy (6)

13        In Hitchcock film, bring up twist that hurts! (4,6)

16        Postulate losing long flapping sail (3,2,3)

18        Fighter, with others, initially led by monarch (8)

19        Fresh opening for socialist political party (6)

21        Curator initially organised US city opening (6)

22        Annoyed but no longer raging (3,3)

24        British, single, and hip, perhaps (4)

PDF of puzzle

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