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This is a Christmas puzzle, and it appeared on Boxing Day, 2007.  I usually put my Christmas-themed puzzle the week before the holiday, but 2007’s example was full of words like SHOPPING-MALLS and CONSUMERS, and it probably would have had COMMERCIALISATION if it hadn’t been too long.  This puzzle is – if not exactly more seasonal – at least less jaded.  And I’m grateful, as always, to The Independent for permission to reuse it – the link to the current puzzle is to the right.



7          MP3 player I put back with hesitation on display stand (6)

8          8 down, say – a connoisseur of coffers? (8)

9          8 down, say, represented by painters? (8)

10        8 down, say – mistake unknown by church? (6)

11        8 down, say, one brought in to float a sailor (6)

13        8 down, say, may score wildly (8)

15        Someone who enjoys some ridiculous errors (4)

16        8 down, say, millions observed in 8 down part 1, on reflection (5)

17        8 down, say, single without number (4)

18        8 downs particularly associated with 8 down part 1? (8)

20        Location of bat about to be put in display unit (6)

21        8 down, say – King to quit, being linked to booze (6)

23        8 down, say, except one’s after sheep (8)

25        8 down, say, recalled no golfer’s target in appearance (4,4)

26        Conservative keeping away from gyrating hot rock artist (6)


1          Native American tribe greeting involving a little work (4)

2          He expected something to turn up – mineral, exotic brew (8)

3          Amicable to change, like the simplest insects (10)

4          Beemer carefully going around another German car (4)

5          Stone, leaves, water (6)

6          Sticks around half of army, rattling door in military areas (5-5)

8          Item of seasonal décor – chimes restart after malfunction (9-4)

12        I must be so disciplined after a binge? Not if this (10)

14        One films new church set up in America, possibly (4-6)

17        Poster to be on a par with ‘acceptable’ (8)

19        Martian craft – see one taken to leader (6)

22        Famous exile against one participating in revolutionary party (4)

24        Article getting Hong Kong upset and cross (4)

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