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Well, this one chose itself by being near the bottom of a box-file that wasn’t too far down the pile of box-files, and so was easy to get to.  It’s an Independent daily from August 2008, and it has a theme.  It’s one of those puzzles where there’s an ‘entry’ clue, the answer to which then defines a number of other answers (I tend to arrange it so that there’s one example per row).  The thing then is to try and work the clue number naturally into the flow of the associated clue.  This is generally easier than writing a normal cryptic clue, I should add, so the extra work in getting the grid themed pays off in a reduction in work writing the clues.

There’s a pdf of the puzzle at the bottom of the page.  (Solution notes only available on the site – just follow the link below.)  As always, my gratitude to the Independent for allowing the reappearance of this puzzle – the current puzzle is, as always, available here.




1             River boatmen upset lots of people (4-1-3)

6             Some rough awkward 24 (4)

9             24 metres in total assigned to it (6)

10           Components of girl’s name seen in porch (7)

11           Murderer’s throttling of French 24 (8)

12           Attacker’s claim: leave soldiers to encircle Switzerland (6)

13           24 leaders of Home Office exploit dispute after dispute (5,7)

16           24 leap about, feel ill and take up position in bed (12)

19           Attention after Left elected in row (6)

20           Stress and gold doing for 24 (8)

22           Last time a few returned, taking in North Dakota (7)

23           An old GI keeping important officer in 24 (6)

24           Attempt to pen right sentence (4)

25           Swindle involved letter 24 (8)


2             No time, unfortunately, to accommodate company email image (8)

3             Everything? Everything turned up, with thanks received (5)

4             Parents rebelling over mistake, one not right in religious leader (6,8)

5             A book upheld 50% of changes in German state (7)

6             Drier load then redistributed around stern of scow (4,5)

7             I say! Here’s a question about headgear (4,2)

8             Style of singing gracing another work? (9,5)

14           University cricket club, considered potential champions externally, took the title (9)

15           From part of Austria, part occupying different site (8)

17           Cooked, looking burnt in oven? On the contrary (7)

18           Modern composer: I understand one after end of festival (6)

21           No stance on decapitation or other execution system (5)

6800 PDF



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